Open All-Year Long

Get to know a little bit more about our locally owned farm and market.

The Miller family has found a tried-and-true way of raising wholesome, flavorful, and tender beef. We raise and fatten Angus/Simental beef, a breed that is well known for meat that is tender and flavorful. We provide our animals quality forage, rotate their pastures, and supply with high quality hay as needed. Free from growth hormones or antibiotics, they are finished with small amounts grain which adds marbling and flavor to each cut of beef.

Naturally Raised Beef

Our cows are raised on quality grasses, hay, and mineral supplements without the use of hormones or antibiotics.

Homegrown Pork

Our pigs are also fed with ground grains raised here on the farm. No growth hormones are needed to get great pork!

Chicken and Lamb

We love to support other local businesses by offering products from pasture raised chickens and lambs from neighboring farms.


Let our farmers feed your family and know that you're putting good food on your table.

Step One

Call us for availability.

We’ll let you know when your beef or pork is at the butchers and give you a hanging weight. A $200 deposit is required.
Step two

Call the butcher.

Since we do not butcher on our farm, you will need to contact our USDA inspected butcher and give them your cutting instructions. Feel free to ask questions! They will explain the different cuts and how it can be cut and packaged.
Step three

Arrange a pickup time. *

They will call us when the meat is ready and we will arrange a time for you to pick it up at the farm. We do not have enough freezer room to store your meat so we try to give a days notice. We will pick up the meat the same day you plan to get your order, pay the balance due, and pick it up at the farm.

If you don’t have that much freezer room, please check out one of our meat packages that we have available.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to feed their families premium quality naturally raised, USDA inspected, farm raised meats from Meadow Creek Farm & Farm Market.

* At present, we are booked several months ahead, so please call now for availability. A half of beef is dressing out between 300 – 400 lbs and half a hog around 75 – 100 lbs.

cut to your needs

Need a special cut for a special occasion?

Let us know and we’ll see if we can get that for you!

Ready to place an order?

For your convenience, you can order online for quick pickup at the farm!

Relax and stay awhile

Enjoy your next vacation or weekend getaway at our conveniently located guest farmhouse.

Come to the farm and stay in the country in our 3-bedroom farmhouse. In our completely furnished, 3 bedroom, 2 bath house, you’ll enjoy the sites and sounds of a relaxing countryside home. There is a small deck and a fire ring in the quiet, private backyard with room for parking. We know how beloved animals are which is why pets are welcome! Our farmhouse is in a convenient location close to our farm and market as well as ski resorts, parks, numerous attractions, restaurants, and wineries nearby.

House guests will also receive a 10% discount for items purchased at our farm market.

Some of our amenities include: