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About Us

Our Family Legacy

At Meadow Creek Farm Market, our family heritage runs deep. For generations, the Miller family has been dedicated to raising exceptional, flavorful, and tender beef. Our legacy is built on a commitment to quality, and we're proud to carry that tradition forward.

Exceptional Quality, Sustainable Practices

Our Farming Philosophy

At Meadow Creek Farm Market, our commitment to quality begins with raising and nurturing Angus/Simental beef, celebrated for its exquisite tenderness and flavor. We prioritize sustainable practices, ensuring our animals enjoy premium forage, sustainable pasture rotation, top-notch hay, and are raised without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics. To enhance marbling and flavor, our animals are finished with small, carefully managed amounts of grain. This holistic approach to farming allows us to provide you with the finest meat products, rooted in both tradition and sustainability.

Beyond Beef

Farm-Fresh Goodness

Meadow Creek Farm Market offers more than just exceptional beef. Explore our diverse selection of locally sourced farm-fresh goods, including pork, chicken, eggs, lamb, maple products, cheeses, and other farm-style delights. Our commitment to quality extends to all our products, delivering the taste of excellence in every bite.

Discover the Meadow Creek Farm Market experience today, and embrace the true essence of farm-to-table goodness, brought to you with care and dedication by the Miller family and other Somerset County farmers.

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