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Family Owned & Operated

When you choose us, you are supporting a local business and directly benefiting a local farm family.

About Us

We believe that it is important to know where your food comes from and how it was grown and raised.

The Miller family has found a tried-and-true way of raising wholesome, flavorful, and tender beef. We raise and fatten Angus/Simental beef, a breed that is well known for meat that is tender and flavorful. We provide our animals quality forage, rotate their pastures, and supply with high quality hay as needed. Free from growth hormones or antibiotics, they are finished with small amounts grain which adds marbling and flavor to each cut of beef.

Guest Farmhouse

Enjoy our farm stay, countryside rental home, great for travelers, wedding guests, reunions, and visitors alike.

Come to the farm and stay in the country in our 3-bedroom farmhouse. In our completely furnished, 3 bedroom, 2 bath house, you’ll enjoy the sites and sounds of a relaxing countryside home. There is a small deck and a fire ring in the quiet, private backyard with room for parking. We know how beloved animals are which is why pets are welcome! Our farmhouse is in a convenient location close to our farm and market as well as ski resorts, parks, numerous attractions, restaurants, and wineries nearby.

House guests will also receive a 10% discount for items purchased at our farm market.

Some of our amenities include: